Succession & Transition

Depending on your business, ‘business transition’ may mean sharing your rich heritage with a family member you’ve groomed from the next generation; it may mean passing the keys to a pivotal, trusted employee; or it may mean a merger or acquisition that you’ve been negotiating in order to make your retirement dreams come true.

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Whatever ‘business transition’ means for your company, you need an experienced partner to handle the many details of this leadership change and ensure the long-term viability of your organization – you need Ambassador Advisors. Let our team of experts help you achieve the legacy you desire for your business.

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Since 1990, Ambassador Advisors has provided consulting and advice for business owners and leaders from our home office in Lancaster, PA, as well as locations up and down the East Coast. We rely on a team of experienced, knowledgeable advisors to help you make smart decisions about your company’s future.

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