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Elections Don’t Move Markets

As we expected, the stock market continues to move higher. A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned the September pullback was a great buying opportunity, and that has been the […]

Buckle Up, Volatile Days Ahead

It was a headline-driven period for the U.S. markets last week, causing U.S. indices to bounce back and forth. News of positive COVID-19 tests throughout the government, along with fragile […]

Perseverance Breeds Success

Although the S&P 500 dropped 3.9% in the month of September, the markets found a bottom late in the month and staged an impressive rally. From the low on September […]

The Season of Strength

September, as we anticipated, continued to be one of the weaker months for the markets. The Dow is down 4%, so far this month, while the S&P 500 has dropped […]

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

Last week, the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) gave an update on the status of the U.S. economy. Even though COVID-19 cases have continued to decline from the August peak, […]

Keep Your Arms and Legs in the Car at All Times

Many of us enjoy thrills: that giant coaster at the amusement park or the latest heart-stopping blockbuster at the box office. However, when it comes to volatility in our portfolios, […]

Summer May Be Ending, But Don’t Worry

After the best August in decades, it looked like more of the same was in store for September. The first two trading days of the month were a continuation of […]

Plans to Prosper

Heading into second quarter earnings season, most analysts anticipated that with the forced COVID-19 shutdown, earnings and sales for companies in the S&P 500 were going to fall off a […]

Stick to the Plan

Earlier this year, after the market plummeted, we presented two potential paths for its future: a V-shaped recovery, where the market would bottom, quickly recover, and hit new highs. a W-shaped recovery, where the […]

Gathering Money, Little by Little

Getting rich quick sounds like a great idea, but experience tells us that there is always a price to pay; there is never a “free lunch.”  At Ambassador Advisors, we […]