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Setting Up for Second Half Success

Have you ever taken a long road trip? Perhaps you traveled hundreds of miles, before you finally reached the halfway point. It probably felt great that you had one half […]

The Element of Surprise

The “element of surprise” is often a key ingredient for directors, screen writers, and novelists as they craft movie plots or provide twists in a great novel. When something unexpected […]

More Sunshine in the Forecast?

Sometimes, “perfect” weather can stay around even longer than we hope/expect. Ever been on a vacation, where it’s clear and sunny for the majority of your stay? The warmth of […]

Adages Can Lead to Damages

Rules of thumb and old adages can be misleading.  Sometime, these catchy sayings even cause personal harm or lead to lost opportunities.  Often people will try to broadly apply advice […]

Cruise Control Works Until You Hit Traffic

Cruise control or “auto cruise” was created to automatically control the speed of a motor vehicle. As the system takes over the throttle of a vehicle, it helps to maintain […]

Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Treasure hunters seek out sunken shipwrecks, hidden gold, diamonds and pearls, as well as other lost riches in an attempt to achieve fame and fortune. The stories of Indiana Jones, The […]

Is Cash, Once Again, King for Charitable Contributions?

Historically, cash contributions to charity were a terrific way to reduce your taxes. Recently, however, increases in standard deduction amounts and limitations on how much can be deducted relative to one’s […]

The Crème de la Crème of Investing

When you think of the “finer things” in life, you may think about a luxury home in your favorite vacation spot or an aged Grand Cru claret or a rare Van Gogh or maybe a classic Corvette. The “best of the […]