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The Added Value of Working with an Advisor

You may have seen the news that the financial services industry is experiencing a trend towards index funds–passive fund management options in which the holdings of a portfolio mirror the securities of a certain index, such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones. As this technique of money management increases in popularity, we thought […]

How Many Millenials Plan to Retire Early

Millennials currently are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Millennials differ from other generational groups both in their lifestyle and their attitude toward economic and social responsibility. They value their family. Forty percent of millennials with children hold a graduate degree, and close to 70 percent of those with children earn more than the […]

A Family Affair: Involving Family in Financial Decisions

Finances may seem like a private, personal matter, but significant headache and heartache can be avoided by involving those you love in discussions about your finances and financial decisions.   According to a recent survey released by GoBankingRates, 73% of Americans have not had conversations with their aging parents about finances. 22% of the survey […]

Retirement Planning Should Prioritize Healthcare

A recent white paper released by HealthView Services emphasizes that healthcare should be an integral aspect of any retirement plan. The data reveals the projected cost of healthcare, how medical conditions influence that amount, and how to plan for and reduce healthcare costs for retirees. Some of the key findings include:   As you would […]

The Curse of Knowledge

In a 2016 study, Fortune magazine announced that two-thirds of Americans cannot pass a basic financial literacy test1. Understandably, this statistic (and other equally abysmal ones), are prompting states to enact laws requiring students to take financial literacy classes.   But, as studies have also shown, proper education does not prompt behavior changes. In fact, […]

Make the Most of Your Charitable Giving with a Donor Advised Fund

There are a variety of reliable ways that you can choose to invest or donate your money.   Ambassador Advisors strives to fully understand your short-, mid- and long-term goals and objectives when we offer suggestions on investment decisions. Often the question arises as to what might be the most straightforward way that our clients […]

Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship (Part 2)

In the first exploration of what defines a well-lived life, we focused on how the legacy we leave has meaning beyond financial gain. Let us dig deeper into legacy building and financial planning by examining how living a life based upon biblical principles and personal responsibility will help make us better stewards of our resources. […]

Charitable Clumping and Other 2019 Strategies

Pancakes are Saturday morning favorites in many households. Whether you top them with “SEER-up” or “SIR-up”, pile on the blueberries, or even the chocolate chips, every good flapjack maker knows—you want to leave a few clumps in the batter. (The science of cooking tells us to avoid creating a rubbery texture from over-mixed gluten molecules!) […]

Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship

Let’s explore the question of what defines a well-lived life and how the legacy we leave has meaning beyond the humanistic value that we place on financial gain. Together, we can become better stewards of our resources and examine how we can live in the service of God and create a legacy for Kingdom purpose, […]

Year-End Charitable Giving 2018

As we come to the end of the year, it is time to consider opportunities for last-minute giving to help the ministries, nonprofits and places of worship about which we are passionate.  These opportunities also enable donors to receive tax benefits they would not otherwise get.  Remember, in order to claim a deduction for 2018, […]