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College Costs: Unexpected Stats about Saving (Part 3)

Mistake 2: Limiting financial aid award potential   It is impossible to overstate the important of financial aid, when it comes to saving for college.   40 percent of families feel as though they’re paying too much for college as it is, and that is why pursuing financial aid is imperative. In fact, 33 percent […]

College Costs: Unexpected Stats about Saving (Part 2)

Mistake 1: Paying taxes on college saving income   At Ambassador Advisors, we want you to take advantage of tax-free growth opportunities for college savings.   23% of students attend a four-year school because they believe that’s what it’s expected of them, and 30% choose to attend a four-year school because they believe it is […]

College Costs: Unexpected Stats about Saving (Part 1)

One of the heftiest costs continuing to skyrocketed in our society is college. Higher education is often a requirement for many careers and provides important learning opportunities for students, so in spite of the high costs, people continue to shell out thousands of dollars every year in order to attend college.   If you have […]

If You Teach Them To F.I.S.H…

…Sustainable financial futures for nonprofit organizations of all kinds can be accomplished.  In today’s landscape of dwindling giving and decreased interest, in general, long-term sustainability depends on, first, a full reliance on the Lord’s leading and, second, the implementation of financial strategies that follows Biblical principles.   One such strategy comes from industry expert, Sidney […]

Donor Advised Funds: A Benefit To All

At Ambassador Advisors, we understand that—although it’s not the primary motivation—making a charitable donation wisely can provide a degree of financial benefit. We know that our clients have short-term and long-term financial goals they hope to achieve, and if those goals can be coupled with charitable work, it’s a winning scenario for everyone.   If […]

‘Women and Wealth’ Study

Although early legacy planning is imperative to all, it is becoming increasingly evident that women, in particular, need to get more involved in long-term financial and estate decisions early on.   A recent Trusts & Estates ‘Women and Wealth’ survey revealed that many women are not involved in planning decisions, and, as a result, don’t start their […]

Choosing an advisor who values what you value

If you’re looking for some guidance in the area of your finances, you may benefit from finding a financial advisor to help you navigate decisions ahead. But what are important considerations when it comes to choosing an advisor?   First, it is key to select an advisor that has the same value system as you […]

The Added Value of Working with an Advisor

You may have seen the news that the financial services industry is experiencing a trend towards index funds–passive fund management options in which the holdings of a portfolio mirror the securities of a certain index, such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones. As this technique of money management increases in popularity, we thought […]

How Many Millenials Plan to Retire Early

Millennials currently are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Millennials differ from other generational groups both in their lifestyle and their attitude toward economic and social responsibility. They value their family. Forty percent of millennials with children hold a graduate degree, and close to 70 percent of those with children earn more than the […]

A Family Affair: Involving Family in Financial Decisions

Finances may seem like a private, personal matter, but significant headache and heartache can be avoided by involving those you love in discussions about your finances and financial decisions.   According to a recent survey released by GoBankingRates, 73% of Americans have not had conversations with their aging parents about finances. 22% of the survey […]