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‘Women and Wealth’ Study

Although early legacy planning is imperative to all, it is becoming increasingly evident that women, in particular, need to get more involved in long-term financial and estate decisions early on.   A recent Trusts & Estates ‘Women and Wealth’ survey revealed that many women are not involved in planning decisions, and, as a result, don’t start their […]

Choosing an advisor who values what you value

If you’re looking for some guidance in the area of your finances, you may benefit from finding a financial advisor to help you navigate decisions ahead. But what are important considerations when it comes to choosing an advisor?   First, it is key to select an advisor that has the same value system as you […]

Standing Firm and Building Trust

The more things change, the more they stay the same.   This cliché is spot on target in today’s world, and knowing who you can trust with your family’s financial future is imperative. Technology, along with social and political culture, have changed drastically in the past fifty years, but human nature has not. It is […]

Client Christmas Event 2019

We enjoyed celebrating this holiday season together with you, our valued clients and friends. We participated in a short, informative financial session and enjoyed a delicious meal.  Special guests Point of Grace provided beautiful musical holiday favorites.

A Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer

At Ambassador Advisors, we believe that money is a gift from God for us to wisely steward as we live our lives. That’s why we strive to offer you Biblically based counsel, when it comes to building wealth and trust that lasts. Finances can be a source of stress and anxiety, especially considering that discussing […]

Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans (Medigap) Part 2

How Proper Senior Care Planning Will Determine Your Financial Future Part 2: Medicare and Medigap: How to apply and what you should know   If you’re new to Medicare, you need to learn about your Medicare choices.   Within Medicare exists different parts. Part A, hospital insurance, will help you cover any inpatient care in […]

Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans (Medigap) Part 1

How Proper Senior Care Planning Will Determine Your Financial Future Part 1: Medicare 2019 – What you need to know before 2020   Americans are getting older. As we look towards our retirement, a higher percentage of Americans than ever before will be entering their golden years. We have all read the news and heard […]

This “FIST” Can Knock Out Multigenerational Family Wealth

Ambassador Advisors’ unique perspective on finances is rooted in our value of Biblical stewardship. We believe everything we have is from the Lord, and—contrary to contemporary wisdom—we are only temporary caretakers of resources He’s entrusted to us. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:14, “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from […]

Avoid Bankruptcy in Your Retirement Years

For many born into American society over the past century, “the game of life” came with instructions that read, in part: go to college, find an excellent job with robust long-term benefits, and retire when you reach the golden age of 65. These were the rules you followed, the path to avoid an impoverished retirement. […]

You Don’t Have to be a Millionaire to Retire Like One

There is no magic wand that will turn your retirement fund worth $85,000 into a million dollars, and being a millionaire shouldn’t be your focus. Ambassdaor Advisors knows there are far more important things than wealth when it comes to happiness. But from a purely financial perspective and for the purpose of discussion, let’s begin […]