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Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans (Medigap) Part 1

How Proper Senior Care Planning Will Determine Your Financial Future Part 1: Medicare 2019 – What you need to know before 2020   Americans are getting older. As we look towards our retirement, a higher percentage of Americans than ever before will be entering their golden years. We have all read the news and heard […]

This “FIST” Can Knock Out Multigenerational Family Wealth

Ambassador Advisors’ unique perspective on finances is rooted in our value of Biblical stewardship. We believe everything we have is from the Lord, and—contrary to contemporary wisdom—we are only temporary caretakers of resources He’s entrusted to us. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:14, “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from […]

Avoid Bankruptcy in Your Retirement Years

For many born into American society over the past century, “the game of life” came with instructions that read, in part: go to college, find an excellent job with robust long-term benefits, and retire when you reach the golden age of 65. These were the rules you followed, the path to avoid an impoverished retirement. […]

You Don’t Have to be a Millionaire to Retire Like One

There is no magic wand that will turn your retirement fund worth $85,000 into a million dollars, and being a millionaire shouldn’t be your focus. Ambassdaor Advisors knows there are far more important things than wealth when it comes to happiness. But from a purely financial perspective and for the purpose of discussion, let’s begin […]

A Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

Many of us have spent our lives pursuing a dream. For some, defining what exactly that dream looks like in retirement can be complex. The professional team at Ambassador Advisors can help make plans that go beyond living out your golden years on income from retirement investments and Social Security benefit payments.   Insufficient retirement […]

When Your Age Matters Most

If you’re planning for retirement and wondering if you have made the right decisions to ensure your future financial security, you are not alone. Many investors express the same doubt. You want to make informed decisions regarding your investment accounts, and you need to know what strategies will maximize your growth potential, whether you are […]

A Truer Steward

If anything can be learned from the realization that financial literacy doesn’t improve responsibility, it’s that information itself isn’t enough. Wisdom—the application of knowledge—can only be executed through a real shift in perspective.   Stewardship is about so much more than budgeting.   Ambassador Advisors wants to ensure that through our program, Finding Significance, Christians […]

A New Perspective

In order to experience life changes, we need to experience perspective changes, specifically in the area of finances.   Ambassador Advisors offers the educational series Finding Significance to explore significant topics such as managing risk with insurance, college and retirement planning, estate and legacy planning, and investments. But rather than merely sharing information, Finding Significance […]

The Curse of Knowledge

In a 2016 study, Fortune magazine announced that two-thirds of Americans cannot pass a basic financial literacy test1. Understandably, this statistic (and other equally abysmal ones), are prompting states to enact laws requiring students to take financial literacy classes.   But, as studies have also shown, proper education does not prompt behavior changes. In fact, […]

Don’t Become a Retirement Statistic

As significant numbers of Americans are facing the financial realities of impending retirement, many questions and concerns have become frighteningly apparent. The American dream of the 1950s has disappeared in nightmarish fashion, replaced with high consumer debt and a decline in quality employment opportunities across all sectors of the American economy.   The years of […]