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A Truer Steward

If anything can be learned from the realization that financial literacy doesn’t improve responsibility, it’s that information itself isn’t enough. Wisdom—the application of knowledge—can only be executed through a real shift in perspective.   Stewardship is about so much more than budgeting.   Ambassador Advisors wants to ensure that through our program, Finding Significance, Christians […]

A New Perspective

In order to experience life changes, we need to experience perspective changes, specifically in the area of finances.   Ambassador Advisors offers the educational series Finding Significance to explore significant topics such as managing risk with insurance, college and retirement planning, estate and legacy planning, and investments. But rather than merely sharing information, Finding Significance […]

The Curse of Knowledge

In a 2016 study, Fortune magazine announced that two-thirds of Americans cannot pass a basic financial literacy test1. Understandably, this statistic (and other equally abysmal ones), are prompting states to enact laws requiring students to take financial literacy classes.   But, as studies have also shown, proper education does not prompt behavior changes. In fact, […]

Don’t Become a Retirement Statistic

As significant numbers of Americans are facing the financial realities of impending retirement, many questions and concerns have become frighteningly apparent. The American dream of the 1950s has disappeared in nightmarish fashion, replaced with high consumer debt and a decline in quality employment opportunities across all sectors of the American economy.   The years of […]

Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship, Part 3

As we finish this series on legacy building based upon a life well lived, we turn our focus to the topic of reward.   We know that nurturing a life legacy based upon biblical and moral principles holds a deep spiritual significance that blesses us far beyond any financial gain we may receive. Also, we […]

A New Social Security Telephone Scam is on the Rise

The Federal Communication Commission and the United States Attorney General’s office has issued a new warning concerning a growing wave of Social Security Administration telephone scam calls. Ambassador Advisors wants to share this information to help protect our clients and their families.   This newest scam involves a fake SSA agent calling to tell you […]

Employing Your Kids in the Family Business

Your kids looking for a bigger “allowance;” you looking for a bigger business tax break? Keep reading…   Paying children in a family business can be beneficial to both parents and children. Parents can deduct wages paid to children from their taxable income. This can impact their tax bill considerably, depending on how many children […]

Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship (Part 2)

In the first exploration of what defines a well-lived life, we focused on how the legacy we leave has meaning beyond financial gain. Let us dig deeper into legacy building and financial planning by examining how living a life based upon biblical principles and personal responsibility will help make us better stewards of our resources. […]

Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship

Let’s explore the question of what defines a well-lived life and how the legacy we leave has meaning beyond the humanistic value that we place on financial gain. Together, we can become better stewards of our resources and examine how we can live in the service of God and create a legacy for Kingdom purpose, […]

Securing Your Retirement Plans

Retirement is probably the biggest milestone of the second “half” of life. Some face it with great anticipation, but some also face it with a good deal of apprehension. Many have two central questions: How much money will I need? How do I even know how much money I’ll need?   In order to seriously […]