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Retirement Planning Should Prioritize Healthcare

A recent white paper released by HealthView Services emphasizes that healthcare should be an integral aspect of any retirement plan. The data reveals the projected cost of healthcare, how medical conditions influence that amount, and how to plan for and reduce healthcare costs for retirees. Some of the key findings include:   As you would […]

Physical–and Financial–Fitness

A recent survey1 by states that roughly half (48 percent) of employed Americans aren’t saving more for retirement this year than last year. Furthermore, 13 percent are saving less. So apparently, many Americans need a way to save more. The surprising answer? Get in shape!   Health has a rather startling role as a driver […]

Healthcare Expenses in Retirement (Part 2)

Staying silent allows concerns to intensify into fear According to the most recent Nationwide Retirement Institute survey, six in ten affluent, older adults fear that medical expenses will hinder their retirement plans, yet over half (52%) of respondents who already had a financial advisor have failed to discuss their medical expenses or corresponding concerns with […]

Healthcare Expenses in Retirement (Part 1)

The complication you should be discussing, but (probably) aren’t   We’ve all heard similar stories: Sally and Bob were planning to go cross-country to visit their grandchildren, but the ongoing expenses from his hip surgery and follow-up physical therapy prevented them from going this year.  Frank hoped to retire last year, but even with excellent […]

Long-Term Care, Part 3

We must ultimately face the fact that long-term care (LTC) is a reality for many people. Here are some significant statistics: 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will need LTC at some point. The average length of LTC is 3.9 years. The average life expectancy after diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is 4-8 […]

Long-Term Care, Part 2

When considering the realities of long-term care (LTC), it’s helpful to understand what is involved. LTC may or may not include nursing and other medical care. The need for these services will vary depending on the medical condition and the needs of the individual. It is also necessary to consider the assistance that you or […]

Long-Term Care, Part 1

One of the blessings of modern life is that people can generally expect to live longer than they did in times past. In the middle ages, someone was very fortunate, indeed, to live past their thirties. The world average life expectancy in 1900 was 31. By 1950, it had climbed to 48. In 2014, that […]

For A Limited Time

The Advent and Christmas seasons look forward to and celebrate the birth of Jesus. He is traditionally understood as the eternal second person of the Trinity. However, as these seasons illustrate, His time walking the earth was quite limited. Thirty-three years is not a long time in relation to normal human lifespans. In relation to […]

Constant Change and Christmas Traditions

One of the great universal truisms is that change is the only real constant. When it comes to Christmas traditions, however, change is the exception! Many traditions surrounding the holiday season have gone on for hundreds of years. Most of us would have it no other way! The candlelight Christmas Eve service, the walkthrough nativity, […]

Shepherds and Life Insurance

They have become a required element of any Christmas or Nativity presentations: the trusty shepherds. We regard them with a sacred reverence, but at the time of Jesus’ birth, shepherds occupied one of the lowest rungs on the socio-economic ladder. In fact, Luke’s gospel is the only one that mentions them.   A shepherd’s job […]