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College Costs: Unexpected Stats about Saving (Part 3)

Mistake 2: Limiting financial aid award potential   It is impossible to overstate the important of financial aid, when it comes to saving for college.   40 percent of families feel as though they’re paying too much for college as it is, and that is why pursuing financial aid is imperative. In fact, 33 percent […]

College Costs: Unexpected Stats about Saving (Part 2)

Mistake 1: Paying taxes on college saving income   At Ambassador Advisors, we want you to take advantage of tax-free growth opportunities for college savings.   23% of students attend a four-year school because they believe that’s what it’s expected of them, and 30% choose to attend a four-year school because they believe it is […]

College Costs: Unexpected Stats about Saving (Part 1)

One of the heftiest costs continuing to skyrocketed in our society is college. Higher education is often a requirement for many careers and provides important learning opportunities for students, so in spite of the high costs, people continue to shell out thousands of dollars every year in order to attend college.   If you have […]

Physical–and Financial–Fitness

A recent survey1 by states that roughly half (48 percent) of employed Americans aren’t saving more for retirement this year than last year. Furthermore, 13 percent are saving less. So apparently, many Americans need a way to save more. The surprising answer? Get in shape!   Health has a rather startling role as a driver […]

Are you ready for retirement?

When you’re in your forties, retirement can seem so far away. Yet two decades later, retirement can seem like a looming deadline. How will retirement affect your lifestyle? What changes will you need to make to your portfolio? Are you ready for retirement?   A retirement professional will help you prepare for the day when […]

Healthcare Expenses in Retirement (Part 2)

Staying silent allows concerns to intensify into fear According to the most recent Nationwide Retirement Institute survey, six in ten affluent, older adults fear that medical expenses will hinder their retirement plans, yet over half (52%) of respondents who already had a financial advisor have failed to discuss their medical expenses or corresponding concerns with […]

Healthcare Expenses in Retirement (Part 1)

The complication you should be discussing, but (probably) aren’t   We’ve all heard similar stories: Sally and Bob were planning to go cross-country to visit their grandchildren, but the ongoing expenses from his hip surgery and follow-up physical therapy prevented them from going this year.  Frank hoped to retire last year, but even with excellent […]

The Three Wise Plans

One of the cherished elements of Christmas is the Three Wise Men. Scripture doesn’t specify that there were three, but custom —and the mention of three gifts—has engrained it into the nativity tradition. So, in that mindset, here are three wise plans to make sure you don’t fall short of your financial goals. Start early. […]

Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed

If you’re self employed, retirement planning can be confusing. There are three common retirement plans available for self-employed individuals:   Solo 401(k) Solo 401(k)s are only available to a self-employed individual with no employees (except a spouse).  Individuals can contribute up to $54,000 per year as of 2017 ($60,000, if age 50 or older).  The contributions […]

What’s the Best College Savings Account?

If you are a parent or grandparent looking start a college savings account, there are plenty of options available. Learn the benefits & features of each.