Biblically Responsible Investing

A Faithful Financial Journey

Many Christians would say that upholding God’s standards is their first priority, yet what they do with their money may tell a different story. Is there a way for Christians to pursue holiness in their finances, while also being wise investors? Is there a way for “values” to reign, without compromising your growth goals?

Is there more to making money than just making money?

Today’s investment market includes plenty of socially responsible investment (SRI) opportunities for investors with a heart towards social activism, environmental, and other concerns. While there are many funds for various religious organizations, Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is different.

Ambassador Advisors and Biblically Responsible Investing

Ambassador Advisors offers only investment opportunities that aligns your resources, beliefs, and values. Our philosophy includes stocks, bonds, and other investments chosen by the Ambassador Advisors Wealth Management Team using Bible-based screening tools. At the same time, our team remains committed to achieve performance goals that match each investor’s risk profile. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise performance to live your values.

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Components of Biblically Responsible Investing


With Biblically responsible investments, you will know where your investment dollars are going. With our Bible-based screening tools, we can exclude companies that endorse or profit from industries not aligned with your Christian values, including:

  • Abortion
  • Pornography
  • Alcohol or Tobacco
  • Gambling

In addition, our screens extend beyond these more obvious evils into those that are more insidious in their cultural effect:


an evaluation of companies that defend or attack the sanctity of marriage, while balancing dignity and non-discrimination


an evaluation of companies that promote violence, profanity, sex, and/or illegal drugs through advertisements and various media


an evaluation of companies operating under a regime or in a country that violates basic human rights, including Christian persecution, labor violations, and terrorism

There are over 9,000 publicly traded companies. The good news is that over 93% of these do NOT fail BRI screens1! The opportunities to support companies making an honest, positive impact may surprise you.


The Bible is clear that God expects us to put His money to work; after all, it is He who gives us the ability to produce wealth! That said, we are to be holy in all we do. There may not have been a stock market when the Bible was written, but Bible verses like Proverbs 27:23 sternly caution us to know where we are investing and in what.

Closing our eyes to sin that our investments fund is not the solution. Biblically Responsible Investing isn’t just about eliminating “bad” companies from your investment portfolio. Our Wealth Managers are also actively seeking God-honoring investment opportunities that don’t compromise your financial growth goals.

With over 51 million American households — 44% of the population — invested in one or more mutual funds, there is tremendous opportunity for Christians to change their world simply by investing differently.2

  • Over $11 trillion is invested in mutual funds.
  • $3 trillion of that is invested in stocks.3
  • $8.7 trillion is already managed using socially responsible, faith-based or other screening methods.4

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Is Your Portfolio Aligned with Biblical Principles?

  • Are you supporting companies that you don’t agree with?
  • How can you be sure your investments are going towards worthy causes?
  • Can your investments have a greater impact?

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