The Added Value of Working with an Advisor

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The Added Value of Working with an Advisor

You may have seen the news that the financial services industry is experiencing a trend towards index funds–passive fund management options in which the holdings of a portfolio mirror the securities of a certain index, such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones. As this technique of money management increases in popularity, we thought it was a good opportunity to discuss how we use similar funds in our portfolios, while also adding additional value as advisors.

Ambassador Advisors believes a diversified, long-term, active approach to investing is valuable. Diversification is often thought of as an investor’s mix between stocks, bonds, and alternative asset classes. At Ambassador, we take a holistic approach to diversifying your portfolio by utilizing both active and passive investment products with long holding periods. We then pair our broad, diversified exposure with individual equities that we believe are undervalued and align closely with client values.

Ambassador Advisors adds value by coaching our clients. Behavioral coaching, or the science of facilitating performance, learning and development, can help both the novice and experienced investor. As advisors, we help clients avoid the haphazard “jump in and jump out” timing of the market that is fueled by emotions regarding news of the market. Behavioral coaching helps you focus on how best to ride the waves of highs and lows of investing in stocks and bonds, and improves the likelihood of meeting your financial goals.

Ambassador Advisors adds value by helping clients make their investments more tax-efficient through the proper navigation of tax-saving strategies and techniques. Our comprehensive planning team offers a variety of tax saving strategies, many of which incorporate charitable giving in all stages of life. From tax-wise savings tools to proper distribution techniques, stewardship is often maximized through optimal understanding of the tax laws. Start now, and through a combination of investment selection, coaching, and education, Ambassador Advisors can counsels clients and considers each individual’s situation when constructing client portfolios.

Ambassador Advisors believes in an interactive approach. By working with our advisors, clients can grow in their understanding of how to best utilize their resources. This provides a much deeper knowledge and aligns faith with finances.

For clients, the course they plotted for financial management is largely dependent on your financial goals and values. If you value hands-on planning, responsible investment management, long-term diversification benefits, and a portfolio that is designed to support companies that make the world a better place, Ambassador Advisors may be the most rewarding course to take.

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