Advisors are here to help you

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Advisors are here to help you

If you are considering partnering with a financial professional for the first time, it may be because you feel overwhelmed by the state of your finances. If you’ve never had a partner to walk alongside you on your financial journey, checking your investment accounts may fill you with dread and anxiety. If you wish you had a more thorough understanding of your financial situation, it may be time to speak to an advisor for some professional guidance. You don’t need to wait until after tax season! In fact, it may be prudent to meet with an advisor sooner rather than later.

Advisors can take a critical look at your financial state and help you manage and track your savings and your spending. They can also help you create long-term strategies that will minimize your risks, while maximizing your wealth and provide you with direction about wise investments.

Your financial needs and goals are unique to you. A financial advisor will examine those individual needs and determine strategies for you to implement in regard to saving, insurance, retirement, and charitable giving.

Investing is often a source of confusion and can be overwhelming, but having an advisor in your corner as you navigate decisions can be a fantastic advantage. Advisors can provide insight and guidance as to investments that will maximize your returns and they can coach you on the principles of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

Because our resources are gifts from God, given to us to steward, BRI is a great approach to investing. Through our Bible-based screening tools, we help you analyze different investments and determine the best place to invest your money. Our recommended investment opportunities align with your beliefs and values, so that you never need to worry that your money may be funding practices you’re opposed to, such as to companies that endorse or profit from abortion, gambling, tobacco or alcohol usage, or pornography.

An advisor can help you think critically about where and how your money is used, because at Ambassador Advisors, we believe that there is so much more to money than just making more of it.

You don’t need to navigate your financial journey alone. You don’t even need to live with anxiety when you consider your retirement plan or your investments. We know that these are life-altering considerations and we are here to help you explore Biblically-sound methods of investing, saving, and ultimately thriving.

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