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Adrian Young’s Family Life Network Radio Interview

Our Executive Vice President Adrian Young was recently interviewed on Family Life Network as a special feature. His conversation offered practical tips and techniques for managing your personal and household […]

Make a Plan for Estate Planning

Imagine the scene at a family dinner, when everyone was well fed and comfortable, and your children brought up your estate planning. “Are your Wills still from when we were […]

The Cyclical Nature of Markets

The Christian’s goal when investing should be to build a lasting legacy for Kingdom use in the future. To achieve this goal, it is key to understand the cyclical nature […]

Finding True Gold

The mineral Pyrite has a brassy color and a metallic hue that resembles gold. But Pyrite – also known as “fool’s gold” – is virtually worthless despite its façade of […]

Second Marriages: Planning An Estate

Entering a new marriage brings tremendous changes, regardless of when it happens. A bride and groom are getting to know each other, dreaming together about the future, and figuring out […]