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What is Medicare?

Sometimes, taxes can feel like death by a thousand paper cuts.  One of these “paper cuts” is the Medicare Tax, a 2.9% tax that is deducted from every dollar we […]

Financial Advisors Pay Off

Working with a financial advisor will help you gain a more thorough understanding of your finances so that you can invest in causes close to your heart, alleviate debt, and […]

Don’t Make These Common Money Mistakes!

With inflation on the rise and the prices of everything, from gas to eggs, skyrocketing; now is the perfect time to evaluate your spending and saving habits. Are you making […]

How to Apply for Social Security

For decades, you have worked hard to earn an income while the government has been taking a chunk of your earnings for the Social Security Trust from every paycheck. The […]

Leave a Legacy Through Succession Planning

What will your legacy be? Perhaps a legacy is something you’ve never considered before, but for many people, aging inspires questions. Succession planning involves a transfer of money, assets, or […]

Summer Vacation: Get Back to Work!

SCHOOL’S OUT! The final bell rings throughout the building as jubilant children gleefully skip down the halls and out the door. Summer is here, which means beach trips, amusement parks, […]

Advisors are here to help you

If you are considering partnering with a financial professional for the first time, it may be because you feel overwhelmed by the state of your finances. If you’ve never had […]

Should I pull my money out of the bank?

With all of the volatility and chaos that has occurred over the last week in the banking sector, many people are suddenly wondering if the money they have saved at […]

Tax refunds sound like fun (but they’re not)

A lot of people eagerly anticipate finding out whether or not they’re owed a tax refund, because sometimes that amount is quite sizeable, and it can feel like an exciting […]