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What is Medicare?

Sometimes, taxes can feel like death by a thousand paper cuts.  One of these “paper cuts” is the Medicare Tax, a 2.9% tax that is deducted from every dollar we […]

Never Forget

The shortened Labor Day Holiday week was met with some market headwinds, as the S&P 500 dropped -1.29%, the Dow Jones was down -0.7%, and the NASDAQ fell -1.93%. Bonds […]

Restored into Fall

Last week saw markets shifting into month’s end, as a traditionally calm August came to a close. As economic data brought forth increased hopes of a soft landing, we saw […]

We are Lancaster’s favorite Financial Planner!

Ambassador Advisors is pleased to announce that we were voted the #1 Financial Planner in the Reader’s Choice Awards 2023! This outstanding recognition is a reflection of our loyal clients, […]

Retire with Peace of Mind

When many people consider retirement, they envision a greater sense of freedom and control. The ability to set your own schedule, pursue personal dreams and passions, and engage in activities […]

Mix Well Before Serving

Last week brought mixed signals on the inflation front that cast uncertainty over September’s FOMC policy direction. Moody’s cut some small- and mid-sized bank ratings on concerns of commercial real […]

Pause and Listen

Diversification and nimbleness are necessary ingredients for any investor as trends change from week to week. The S&P retracted -2.27%, NASDAQ declined -2.85%, and DOW shed -1.11%. This reversal of […]

No News is Good (or Bad) News

Last week, bank earnings came into light and unemployment data showed a relatively resilient workplace in the lead up to the highly anticipated FOMC meeting. As we continue to await […]

Pillow Soft?

Markets prepared for the worst last week, but were pleasantly surprised by modest economic data, which provided additional support for an elusive “soft landing” for the economy. The S&P 500 […]