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Advisors are here to help you

If you are considering partnering with a financial professional for the first time, it may be because you feel overwhelmed by the state of your finances. If you’ve never had […]

Fording When the Current Strengthens

Markets experienced a volatile week on continued banking contagion concerns. The move was positive, but relatively varied across the indices, as the S&P 500 gained 1.6%, the Dow Jones 0.13%, […]

Should I pull my money out of the bank?

With all of the volatility and chaos that has occurred over the last week in the banking sector, many people are suddenly wondering if the money they have saved at […]

Tax refunds sound like fun (but they’re not)

A lot of people eagerly anticipate finding out whether or not they’re owed a tax refund, because sometimes that amount is quite sizeable, and it can feel like an exciting […]

Let the Tax Day Preparations Begin

Tax Season is upon us again! Though Tax Day is ordinarily April 15, it is on April 18 this year. This unusual occurrence is due to April 15 falling on […]

Staying Ahead of Scammers

A phone call from an unfamiliar number is not always sinister, but it’s important to be wary of scams and to have confidence that your information is secure. Avoiding scams […]

The Cyclical Nature of Markets

The Christian’s goal when investing should be to build a lasting legacy for Kingdom use in the future. To achieve this goal, it is key to understand the cyclical nature […]

Finding True Gold

The mineral Pyrite has a brassy color and a metallic hue that resembles gold. But Pyrite – also known as “fool’s gold” – is virtually worthless despite its façade of […]