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Late Boomers: Evaluate Your Retirement Plan

Late Boomers – born in the window of 1960 to 1965 – may be in trouble when it comes to retirement, especially compared to Mid-Boomers (born from 1954-1959). According to […]

You’re Retired . . . Now What?

You worked hard for decades, earning an income and stashing away a portion for retirement.  After thorough deliberation with your financial advisor, you decide that you can finally retire! Many […]

The First Five Years of Retirement

Ah, retirement. After working so hard for so long, you’ve finally exchanged your “9-to-5” for more travel, more time with family, and more opportunities to pursue your other passions. You’ve […]

How to Apply for Social Security

For decades, you have worked hard to earn an income while the government has been taking a chunk of your earnings for the Social Security Trust from every paycheck. The […]

Leave a Legacy Through Succession Planning

What will your legacy be? Perhaps a legacy is something you’ve never considered before, but for many people, aging inspires questions. Succession planning involves a transfer of money, assets, or […]

Summer Vacation: Get Back to Work!

SCHOOL’S OUT! The final bell rings throughout the building as jubilant children gleefully skip down the halls and out the door. Summer is here, which means beach trips, amusement parks, […]

A conversation worth having.

There is a common misconception surrounding long term care (LTCI) insurance, that only those who are elderly or are currently living with a chronic or debilitating condition need it. But […]