Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship

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Embracing a Life Well Lived: Leaving a Legacy of Christian Stewardship

Let’s explore the question of what defines a well-lived life and how the legacy we leave has meaning beyond the humanistic value that we place on financial gain. Together, we can become better stewards of our resources and examine how we can live in the service of God and create a legacy for Kingdom purpose, while also caring for the ones we love.

Ownership and Duty

At Ambassador Advisors, we approach our fiscal and regulatory duties responsibly, accept and respect the process and authorities, and conscientiously handle the resources entrusted to us by God and our clients. We take ownership of all we do and have a strong sense of duty to our clients and each other.

So, what is ownership and duty, as one looks to find meaning while planning for a legacy of giving? Well, you may be surprised that your way of life and the service you have given to God have already taken care of a great deal of that legacy for you.

A recent study shows that legacy is about much more than financial giving. Rather, it is about the way you live your life and how the financial arrangements you make reflect your values and your beliefs. In short, you have the gift of sharing what matters to you the most and creating a financial legacy that will ensure that the solid stewardship of the gifts provided to you continues after you are gone.

Strong stewardship of your financial legacy can pass on your values and life lessons, while at the same time demonstrating your faith. Documenting solid instructions for financial assets and ensuring your final wishes are evident not only removes the burden of those decisions from loved ones, but also ensures that the life you have lived, and your stewardship of gifts, continues after you have gone.

Each new day is an opportunity to build upon our legacy with the kindness we show and the charity of heart we have for others. The foundation of our legacy is being created through the ownership we take each day in the blessings provided to us by God and the faithful service we demonstrate in the care of all God’s gifts.

A well-lived life is its own reward. Those who have helped others in need seem to find the peace that many can never find. “For it is money they have and peace they lack,” as Terrance Mann said in W.P. Kinsella’s 1982 novel Shoeless Joe. Our legacy is a combination of the way we live every day and the impact it has on our friends, our family, our community, and the world, as well as how we prepare others for life without us. Leaving a legacy is a way to let others appreciate our love and our consideration for them.

As you reflect on your life and plan your legacy, always remember the way you live your life is what matters most. Your friends and loved ones will remember your outreached hand and your kind words of faith. These are the building blocks of a lasting stewardship of the gifts bestowed upon you. The dutiful use of the legacy you have built in Christ will be your gift to those who follow in your path.

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