Life Stages: Blessed by Significance

Life Stages: Blessed by Significance

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffet

A forest of dense trees surrounds us—some full-grown, others still seedlings.  These churches, ministries, charities, foundations, community partnerships, and non-profit organizations provide much-needed shade to the world around us.  They offer support and succor in times of hardship as well as applause and rest in times of celebration.  Although the shade offered by an individual seedling is minimal, after decades of steady growth, a mature, full-grown tree emerges, providing respite for a sizable area.

It takes vision to plant a tiny seedling, knowing full well that the benefits of the tree won’t be enjoyed for years to come. This is the legacy left for us by former generations. Even now we are basking in the shade of their seedlings, now full-grown: discipleship, church plants, and building projects, as well as scientific discoveries and community development.

A life of earthly success has left each of us with a greenhouse full of seedlings.  Those seedlings could be harvested early to provide temporary comforts, or they could be planted for future generations, where they’ll slowly mature and provide shade for generations to come. The course you choose will determine your fulfillment. A resolve to look past present circumstances to the future beyond our lifetime leads us from mere success to significance.

When Proverbs 22:9 tells us, “The generous will themselves be blessed” (NIV), it isn’t a guarantee that financial prosperity will follow generosity.  But it is a reminder that giving has rewards that can’t be measured with dollar signs. When we use our God-given resources to forward His kingdom, our lives move from the realm of the trivial to the realm of the eternal. And with that eternal perspective, we are blessed by the significance of our lives.

Let’s imagine beyond your little grove of fledgling trees.  Are there others in your circle who long to plant their own saplings?  To leave a legacy that will benefit successive generations?  To use their finances in ways that will impact eternity?

This is how a grove becomes a forest.

When people hear about the legacy you are entrusting to the Lord’s future plans, many will want to add their own seedlings to the woods.  And that’s where we come in. The experts at Ambassador Advisors are here to help you and others in your circle take the next step.  With our professional guidance, you’ll be able to establish legacy plans that will lead you on the path from momentary human success to eternal significance.

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