Planned Giving is a Win-Win for Donors and Nonprofits

Planned Giving is a Win-Win for Donors and Nonprofits

In a fluctuating economy and an unpredictable world, it is reasonable for nonprofits to invest considerable amounts of energy into striving for sustainability. Donors are essential to the longevity and financial well-being of nonprofits, and often, the gifts of donors outlive the donors themselves. Data from Nonprofit Leadership Alliance shows that it benefits nonprofits to establish programs for Planned Giving, as this approach can help ensure financial security for years to come.

Thus, one of the best ways to support the nonprofits close to your heart, is to consider them in your estate. It is not always comfortable to plan for your own mortality, but when it comes to your finances, it’s never too early to plan ahead. Planning for the future ensures that your money ends up exactly where you want it to go and is put to the uses that you desire.

Planned Giving ensures future funding for a nonprofit organization that is dependable. Donations keep many nonprofits afloat and the promise of funds to come can carry a nonprofit through turbulent financial times.

A 2014 study of charitable giving, found that donors who include charities in their wills, tend to increase their annual gifts to those charities by over $3,000 in years to come. Nonprofits that are included in endowments, support strong evidence that Planned Giving is beneficial in the short term as well as in the future success of their nonprofit.

As a donor, you will most likely feel a deeper level of commitment towards a nonprofit that you plan to leave your legacy to, so it’s no wonder that you desire to support that nonprofit now in a greater capacity.

Planned Giving is beneficial for both donors and nonprofits. It helps nonprofits maintain their donation flow and they often see an increase in donor support after being named as a beneficiary in a will. And donors play an important role in the future of nonprofits they care about, both now and later!

Your contributions to the causes closest to your heart enable you to leave a legacy of generosity. Making a commitment to include your favorite nonprofit in your Planned Giving now will ensure a lasting impact.

If you are ready to explore the legacy you wish to leave and what major gifts you can contribute to the nonprofits you care about now, contact Ambassador Advisors today to start the conversation.

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