The Flexibility of Funding a Donor Advised Fund

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The Flexibility of Funding a Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have long been lauded as excellent tools for those seeking to increase and manage their amount of charitable giving. A DAF is an account used by a family, business, or individual to manage charitable giving. If you haven’t opened your DAF account yet, you may be skeptical as to whether it’s the right avenue for you financially. You may be concerned that you do not earn enough income to qualify for a DAF. You may be asking, “Aren’t DAFs just for millionaires?”

Although wealthier donors may indeed benefit from DAF accounts, DAFs are for anyone who is hoping to expand their generosity, capture immediate tax benefits, and see their dollars put to ongoing charitable use. There are multiple benefits to opening a DAF account:

  • They are donor friendly. DAFs can help you turn a portion of your finances into tax-deductible donations, dispersed on a schedule that you determine, to charities and causes that are close to your heart, over years to come.
  • You receive full tax credit for your donation, even if all of it isn’t given away.
  • All of your giving can be managed from one account on a laptop, smart phone, or other device. Your giving is easy to track, manage, and, at tax time, you’ll only need one receipt.
  • You maintain a measure of control. DAFs can be a reassuring way for you to ensure that your larger gifts are measured and are being utilized for specific purposes.
  • Balances that are unspent can be invested, so that your DAF value can potentially increase, over time.

Funding a DAF offers you a lot of flexibility! If you choose not to fund the account with your regular income, you can use bonuses, stocks, real estate, inheritances, hedge funds, or several other avenues instead.

At Ambassador Advisors, we believe that our financial resources are entrusted to us from God, to steward with His wisdom, for His glory. Having a DAF increases your freedom to donate and to grow your resources in the future, all while exercising generosity towards causes and charities about which you are passionate.

Contact us today to take this step towards establishing a new way to donate. We can help you protect your investments, achieve your financial goals, and expand your charitable giving.

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