Endowment & Asset Management

Financial Certainty Beyond the Current Fiscal Year

If you are like most nonprofits, you constantly feel like your health is dependent on the current year’s giving cycle. One bad year from making significant reductions – or shutting down all together.

Stop running your organization from one fiscal year to the next. Plan for the long-term health and sustainability of your organization by building an endowment fund.

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Why Consider an Endowment Fund?

Immediate gifts of cash do not make all fundraising dreams come true. Ministry goals are bigger than just the here and now. The future of a nonprofit organization can be enhanced with infinitely more security by long-term planning.

A carefully planned endowment for an organization can shape future expansion, change even more lives and bring dreams into reality. If organizational leaders are willing to dream big, plan wisely and hope for a better tomorrow, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Let Ambassador Advisors be your partner to launch an Endowment Campaign for your organization. We can help you put a plan in place to launch your Endowment Campaign through an effective case statement, to train the Board regarding its role in the campaign’s success, and to find innovative solutions for funding.

Benefits of an Endowment Fund

  • Diversify your organization’s income
  • Attract and impress new donors
  • Become better prepared to weather economic downturn
  • Better support for your planned giving program
  • Create a solid foundation for your organization’s future

FREE DOWNLOAD – Guide to Nonprofit Endowment Plans

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Four Stages of an Endowment Campaign


Our advisors will work with you to plan and prepare your endowment fund. This includes creating and working with a steering committee on the vision and fundamentals of the fund.


The next step is to develop the case for support. This often involves setting goals for the fund as well as crafting the messaging about the need and long-term benefits of the fund.


Once your endowment is established, we can help you market it to potential donors during silent and public phases. During this step, we will also assist you in highlighting a donor recognition plan.


Our wealth management advisors are experienced at managing endowment funds from initial growth through maturity. We will take care of monitoring the fund, overseeing disbursements, assuring reporting, and providing general stewardship advice for your board and leadership.

Additional Nonprofit Asset Management Services

In addition to endowment wealth management, our team of advisors can support your nonprofit organization as you become better stewards of the resources God has given you.

  • Review and/or creation of investment policy
  • Organizational/individual portfolio review and design
  • Investment management team knowledge and report preparation
  • Estate planning and bequest consultations