Major Donor Plan Design

With so many charities going after so few committed donors, there are very few efforts an organization can make to set itself apart. One area that your organization can offer through a strategic partnership with Ambassador Advisors is to retain our services to create a comprehensive estate and giving plan for your major donor(s).

This fee-based Donor Wealth Achievement Plan uses state-of-the-art software and planning techniques to show donors creative ways to give more to the organizations (including yours) that they cherish. This in-depth and practical analysis will lead to substantially more assets available for charities, taking money only from ‘Uncle Sam!’

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Imagine helping your key donors do more for your organization, but also providing to them a great personal benefit. You can help your major donors do more for you and their family, while reducing their taxes.

  • Energize key donors to Do More® for the nonprofit
  • Customized donor wealth diagnostic report
  • Donor goal achievement plan utilizing state-of-the-art software and planning techniques
  • Reduction of taxation and maximization of charitable giving solidified

Major Donor Plan Design is one of our Comprehensive Support Package offerings.