Pension & Retirement Plan Consultation

With Social Security continuing on its course to oblivion, and an ever-increasing number of workers in the United States saving far too little to provide even a minimalist’s existence in retirement, the government has elevated the importance of creating regulation designed to protect savers. New regulations aimed at employers and retirement plan providers will increase not only the scrutiny on employer-sponsored retirement plans, but also the disclosure necessary for all those involved. Of course, understanding these added measures and their effects has generated a need for specialization. As such, Ambassador has created a dedicated team, Ambassador Pension Consultants, designed to ensure our business clients stay ahead of the regulatory curve, and get the best plans available at the best pricing in the new environment.

Ambassador Pension Consultants will help you and your employees by maximizing tax efficiencies and enabling you to comply with the new and changing regulations. We can help you create a comprehensive benefit portfolio, as well as design your 401(k) or other retirement plan strategies.

Call Ambassador Advisors today to learn about the new regulations and have a complimentary ERISA audit and retirement plan review.