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Robert E. Kauffman

Robert E. Kauffman, ChFC®, CLU®, CAP®

Fort Myers FL, Naples FL
Financial Advisors
Financial Advisor

Bob is a 40-year veteran of the financial services business. From 1976 to 1990, Bob managed sales offices for two major financial service firms in Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia. Then in 1990, he established his own Registered Investment Advisor.

Family & Hobbies

Bob enjoys gardening, where he can be outdoors and enjoy the creation and sunshine provided for us. In the winter, he coaches high school basketball. Bob and his wife, Pam, live in Mount Joy. They have eight children and two grandchildren. Bob’s greatest joy is in supporting and teaching his children – whether its Rebecca who plays field hockey at Utica College, Elizabeth who competes on her horse and studies law at Elizabethtown College, or Sarah who plays soccer and volleyball. Bob cheers on Pennsylvania football teams – the PSU Lions and Steelers. He even played on an undefeated team in high school at Central High in Martinsburg, PA!

In 1987 Bob began serving on the Board of Directors at Bethany Christian Services and Lancaster County Christian School. Eventually, he also began to serve as a Trustee at The Lancaster Bible College. His considerable work with nonprofits led him to focus on that area as a specialty for financial advice and support.

Bob’s favorite place to travel is China. He shares, “I’ve been blessed with two Chinese daughters who like to go with me, and I have a very good reason to be there. The Pocket Testament League, where I am currently a Life Trustee, has been uniquely chosen and approved to legally distribute millions of scriptures throughout that country. Periodically, I must go and meet with Chinese Church and political officials in order to keep our status open and expanding.”

Bob owns a large library of History, Business Marketing, and Religious books, and prefers to read non-fiction. In fact, Bob shares that if he was stranded on a desert island, he’d want to take sun tan lotion, fishing equipment, his glasses and his library! Bob’s passions are spreading the Gospel, supporting his family, and helping his clients do well financially. He says, “Most things we do fade away in significance over time, it is only service for Christ that stands for all time.”

Education & Experience

Bob has earned the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) designations. He is also a member of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy. He is recognized as a leading professional in investment management and estate planning, and has trained and supervised hundreds of financial planners during his career.

Community Involvement

Bethany Christian Services – Board Member

Lancaster County Christian School – Board Member

Lancaster Bible College – Trustee

Linden Hall – Basketball Coach

Why I like working at Ambassador Advisors …

Bob’s favorite part of being an advisor is helping to solve problems for the people that he works with. While he enjoys the challenge of investing and the analytical side of the job, it is the time spent face to face with clients, trying to make their life better, that is by far the most enjoyable aspect of the business. Bob is grateful for great co-workers, fantastic clients, and that his faith leads in his decision-making all along the way.

Learn with your friends!

Group educational opportunities for your church, nonprofit organization, neighborhood, or small group Bible study.

Being Prepared: Planning in Volatile Times


During this crisis, we are facing critical questions. To address fears with facts and sort through the ever-changing financial landscape, we have created a brief but relevant presentation with an educational overview of market volatility as it relates to finances and charitable giving. Find answers to questions such as:

  • Why should we not fear?
  • What can we learn from history?
  • What does the Bible say about the future?
  • What principles transcend economic conditions?
  • What resources can help right now?

A Journey to Give, Save, and Multiply


Opportunities within the New Tax Laws

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect in 2018. The recent CARES ACT was passed in 2020. Their passing by Congress marks the most sweeping tax code overhaul in decades. Some experts suggest the significant changes could impact America’s finances in many ways. Hear from professionals to determine how your financial plan for retirement, your children’s college savings, and your tried-and-true strategies for charitable giving may be affected. Wise choices in light of this new legislation can help maximize your charitable giving and bless your family in the future. The rules have changed, but the principles of stewarding our financial gifts from the Lord remain the same.

Planning with Purpose


Transferrable Concepts and Biblical Principles for Your Finances

A stewardship-centered planning process helps to focus on the eternal, instead of the temporal. By making good financial decisions, all of which are faith decisions, you can achieve proper balance. Everyone is asking three fundamental questions when they look at money:
• Who owns it?
• What are the finish lines? (How much is enough?)
• Is the next steward chosen and prepared?
As you plan your life, you must decide how to steward your finances. This seminar will direct you how to ask and answer the right questions when it comes to using money as a tool, a test, and a testimony.

Kingdom Impact as Your Financial Compass


Biblically Responsible Investment Strategies

This introduction to Biblically Responsibly Investing will explain the term ‘fiduciary’ and present a helpful overview of basics such as equities, fixed income, and risk diversification. While a large variety of investing opportunities known as ‘responsible’ exist, some may not align with your faith and values. Socially responsible investing, environmentally responsible investing, governance investing, and others may still support companies and causes you wouldn’t be proud to own. In this seminar, we will explore how BRI is fundamentally different.

Family, Faith & Finance


A Seminar for Today’s Multi-Tasking Family

This practical seminar dispels 15 common financial misunderstandings among families at every point on the spectrum of planning. From young people starting out to mid-career adults with family responsibilities, as well as those approaching retirement or already retired, you will learn timeless truths about college and retirement savings, investments, risk, insurance, estate planning, charitable giving, and more.

Planned Giving and the Pathway to a Lasting Legacy


Stewardship during your lifetime is about following sound principles for financial independence and preparing your estate to be the fingerprint you leave on this world. Your stewardship can be maximized by incorporating cherished nonprofits as well as other charities into your planning. You can actually pass MORE assets to your family with careful, strategic gift planning. Planned giving can also create lifetime income streams, if desired, as well as obtain favored tax treatment. In this seminar, you will learn that it’s a myth that only the wealthy have the potential to leave a lasting legacy.

Legacy Detours: Planning, Preparing, and Protecting


Prepare for the future and avoid short-sighted decisions by educating yourself about legacy detours. What can derail your plans for stewardship after your passing? You should set up protections to minimize taxation at death, including Federal Estate Tax, State Inheritance/Estate Tax, and Income Tax. Our professionals will explain distribution techniques like wills and trusts, as well as review the impact of long-term illness. A life insurance needs analysis as well as other practical steps will be covered. With the right preparation, you can achieve a balance that protects your current financial independence and leave a lasting legacy for your heirs, church, and beloved charities.

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