Tax-Wise Charitable Giving

Your heart for advancing the gospel has led you to steward your God-given resources into Kingdom purposes. Giving to church has always been a priority, and you’ve opened your heart to being used by God when you’ve seen a need in your community.


Giving to charities that are close to your heart is one way to build a legacy of Christian generosity, one that will outlast even you. But as you give, it’s important to consider financially savvy approaches that can maximize your philanthropy and minimize taxes. Mutual benefits for both the charity and your family in the years to come are possible when you select charitable giving vehicles strategically with professional guidance. You may even discover that you can do more than you anticipated.

Faithward Advisors can assist you in determining the best course of action for giving, whether that be through donor advised funds, bequests, life insurance donations, appreciated assets, or charitable gift annuities. Considering tax-wise strategies provides the best of both worlds—support for your favorite charities and reduced taxes.