Is Your Nonprofit Fighting for Cash Crumbs?

Imagine entering a dining room on Thanksgiving Day…the smell of a roasted turkey fills the air, and all the side dishes are laid out on the table. From the dressing and cranberry sauce to the homemade pumpkin pie, nothing is missing from this holiday feast. Instead of sitting down and enjoying the meal, however, you and every other hungry person quickly grab a fork and crawl under the table, anxiously awaiting any crumbs that may fall…

Unfortunately, this “Thanksgiving table” scenario where many are fighting for the crumbs on the floor (cash) instead of the feast on the table (assets) accurately describes what many nonprofits practice when pursuing financial support.

In contrast, Ambassador Advisors will help you craft a planned giving strategy to inspire lasting gifts to sustain your charity long into the future. Though most organizations are continuing to fight for the crumbs, you can be assured that, with Ambassador Advisors’ help, yours will be moving into the future confidently.

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