Wealth Management

As you seek to build your wealth and attain your financial goals, it is important to have a trusted advisor by your side, assisting you in developing a financial strategy. At Ambassador Advisors, our wealth management team is here to assist you in your financial journey. By creating a strategy for planning, investing, and protecting your assets, we can help you become a better steward of your wealth. This gives you the freedom to live your life, generously give to causes close to your heart, and create a lasting family legacy.

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Our Philosophy for Wealth Management

Wealth management built on sound principles yields security and prosperity. The team at Ambassador Advisors seeks to give advice that has proven successful and avoids strategies that add undue risk relative to potential return.

Our Wealth Management Team

Our wealth management team includes professionals with over 150 combined years of experience in critical fields related to money management, wealth accumulation, and financial planning. This experience, coupled with some of the most highly credentialed internal and external specialists in the industry, can give you confidence that your team has the expertise to protect and grow your nest egg. Fluent in both the fundamental and technical languages of traders and the markets, our team members have been featured as industry experts on ABC News, Charisma Magazine, TheStreet.com, Benzinga, FTMDaily, Crosswalk, 48Days, ChristianPF.com, and more.

Balanced Allocations

Because proper weighting of stocks, bonds, other asset classes, and cash helps provide consistent returns to our investors.

Long-Term Vision

Because time and patience create more stability and higher yields.

Broad Diversification

Because “putting all your eggs in one basket” can leave you exposed to more risk.

Active Professional Management

Because investment company research, experience, expertise, market access and negotiating power can help maximize performance.

Values-Based Wealth Management

Does your portfolio reflect your Christian values? At Ambassador Advisors, we use Biblically Responsible investment portfolios that align your resources, beliefs, and values together for growth – without compromising your faith.

Asset Management Programs

The team of experts at Ambassador Advisors wants to understand your individual needs and your unique goals for the future. We listen carefully as we get to know you. We then craft a customized strategy to help meet those needs and realize those goals. Ambassador Advisors offers several asset management programs, including:

Investment Management Services

We offer a wide range of model portfolios managed both strategically and tactically based upon asset size and your risk tolerance. The portfolios are managed either with ETFs and individual stocks depending on your stated objectives and goals.

Our Process

At Ambassador Advisors, we create a personalized plan for managing your wealth. Rooted in the principles of sound financial planning, our process is designed to meet your financial goals and adapt to market trends.

About Our Process

Advisors You Can Trust

Since 1990, Ambassador Advisors has provided comprehensive financial advice and wealth management services to individuals from our home office in Lancaster, PA, as well as locations up and down the East Coast. We rely on a team of experienced, knowledgeable wealth advisors and Certified Financial Planners (CFP) to provide strategies and insights that help you make smart investment decisions. With our open-door policy, our wealth management team is always available to answer questions about your portfolio.

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