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Faithful Journey Foundation Redefines Giving

We know that investing in meaningful causes is a top priority for many of our clients, especially when those causes align with faith-based morals and values. Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) […]

Legacy: One of the Greatest Gifts

Family is congregated in the cozy kitchen, plates are filled with everyone’s favorite recipes, and spirits are bright and joyful. There’s laughter, the clink of cutlery, and a babble of […]

Taking Stock of What Matters Most

The holidays are approaching, and you’re “checking your list.” Then you’re checking it twice. You have gifts for all of your friends and loved ones, but there’s one gift remaining: […]

Maximizing Your Charitable Impact

Fulfilling our Biblical call to generosity may be accomplished through a myriad of avenues. Often, Christians are called to fill an immediate or spontaneous need that arises. Others may prefer […]

Be Wary of Unemployment Scams

Seasons of vulnerability and increased market volatility are a prime time for scammers on the hunt for victims. Unfortunately, there are two newly arising scams that you should know about, […]

Busting Misconceptions about the Wealthy

For many of us, becoming wealthy may seem as improbable as winning the lottery. Millionaire status is sometimes fun to imagine, but it may also feel impossible to attain, due […]

The Flexibility of Funding a Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have long been lauded as excellent tools for those seeking to increase and manage their amount of charitable giving. A DAF is an account used by […]

Is Cash, Once Again, King for Charitable Contributions?

Historically, cash contributions to charity were a terrific way to reduce your taxes. Recently, however, increases in standard deduction amounts and limitations on how much can be deducted relative to one’s […]

If You Teach Them To F.I.S.H…

…Sustainable financial futures for nonprofit organizations of all kinds can be accomplished.  In today’s landscape of dwindling giving and decreased interest, in general, long-term sustainability depends on, first, a full […]

Donor Advised Funds: A Benefit To All

At Ambassador Advisors, we understand that—although it’s not the primary motivation—making a charitable donation wisely can provide a degree of financial benefit. We know that our clients have short-term and […]