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Never Forget

The shortened Labor Day Holiday week was met with some market headwinds, as the S&P 500 dropped -1.29%, the Dow Jones was down -0.7%, and the NASDAQ fell -1.93%. Bonds […]

Restored into Fall

Last week saw markets shifting into month’s end, as a traditionally calm August came to a close. As economic data brought forth increased hopes of a soft landing, we saw […]

Mix Well Before Serving

Last week brought mixed signals on the inflation front that cast uncertainty over September’s FOMC policy direction. Moody’s cut some small- and mid-sized bank ratings on concerns of commercial real […]

Pause and Listen

Diversification and nimbleness are necessary ingredients for any investor as trends change from week to week. The S&P retracted -2.27%, NASDAQ declined -2.85%, and DOW shed -1.11%. This reversal of […]

No News is Good (or Bad) News

Last week, bank earnings came into light and unemployment data showed a relatively resilient workplace in the lead up to the highly anticipated FOMC meeting. As we continue to await […]

Pillow Soft?

Markets prepared for the worst last week, but were pleasantly surprised by modest economic data, which provided additional support for an elusive “soft landing” for the economy. The S&P 500 […]

The Quarter Starts with a Bing, Bang, and a Boom

For those watching markets, last week felt long for an abbreviated week of trading. An event-filled week ended with choppy waters due to “good news is bad news and bad […]

Gearing Up for Changes Ahead

Last week ended the second quarter of 2023 and led us into the Fourth of July weekend. This past week, economic indicators drove markets, while Supreme Court decisions drove headlines. […]

Halfway There

US equity markets were closed Monday in observation of the Juneteenth holiday and decidedly broke their recent upward streak (five weeks for the S&P 500 and eight weeks for the […]

A Summer Slumber? Not Likely.

Last week, big news was small news, and small news was made smaller with positivity being the driving force. In these environments, especially coming into the summer season, some investors […]