When to purchase long-term care – it may be earlier than you think!

When to purchase long-term care – it may be earlier than you think!

Over the last century, the average lifespan has lengthened considerably. Human beings are living decades longer, thanks to improved sanitation, better medical care, and advancements in health and medicine. While incredible strides have been made in life expectancy, the news of increasing average lifespans may be an important financial wake-up call.

Because people are living longer, it’s entirely possible, at some point, you may need long-term care. Though the elderly often come to mind when considering those who need long-term care, there is a “sweet spot” in terms of age for buying, and it’s important to consider when the right time may be. It may be earlier than you think.

Though it’s true that most claims may begin while you are in your 70s or 80s, if you are younger when you purchase long-term care insurance, there is a good chance the cost will be lower in the long run. However, if you buy too early, you may spend a long time paying premiums that could otherwise be avoided.

It is generally recommended by financial professionals to take out a policy for long-term care insurance in your mid-50s, or at the very latest, your mid-60s. This is widely considered to be the “sweet spot” – the most cost-effective time to buy.

One reason for this is because many health insurers will offer discounts on policies for buyers who are in particularly good health, and once the policy is purchased, those benefits cannot be lost. Buying younger – while still in relatively good health – may provide you with a discount that otherwise may not be available in the future.

Buying at a younger age also provides peace of mind, in the event that you do need long-term care before you expect to. Paying out of pocket for unforeseen medical expenses can cause an enormous amount of stress and emotional turmoil for families who have already been blindsided by an unexpected diagnosis or accident.

Investing in long-term care early gives you the simple gift of being insured, and, in turn, can allow your family to focus on helping and supporting you, without an overwhelming financial burden. Let the professional team at Ambassador Advisors walk alongside you on this planning journey. Begin a conversation with our team today!

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